TCG & CGP Acquisition Q&A

We are excited to announce that Empower Community Care has recently acquired The Carey Group (TCG) and Carey Group Publishing (CGP). This acquisition brings TCG and CGP into a family of programs and services that, like our own, help people who are justice-involved improve their lives.

Empower’s mission—to transform the lives of troubled youth, adults, their families, and their communities—aligns perfectly with TCG/CGP’s. As a leading global behavioral health organization, Empower provides evidence-based programs and technologies in the United States and internationally. You are likely familiar with other members of the Empower family, which include Multisystemic Therapy Services (MST Services), Functional Family Therapy LLT (FFT LLC), Orbis Partners, and Evidence-Based Associates.

TCG and CGP will expand Empower’s outreach by continuing to deliver a wide range of programs and services to adults and youth involved in the justice, social service, and educational systems.

Wondering what this means for you? Please review the FAQs below to learn that you are likely to experience few if any changes.

Why the new ownership?

Empower brings to TCG and CGP the capacity to expand our current range of products and services. And, as part of the Empower family, when we provide consultation services, we can now offer the potential for the integration of a broader suite of EBP programs and services to our customers.

Are the company names changing?

No. Our company names will remain the same: The Carey Group (TCG) and Carey Group Publishing (CGP).

Will we be working with the same people as we have in the past?

Yes. TCG and CGP’s staff, contractors, and trainers will all be the same. One change we are making is this: Susan Burke, who stepped into the role of TCG Executive Director several years ago, will now also assume the role of Executive Director of CGP. And, over time, we will be exploring adding to our staff capacity.

Are your websites changing?

No. Our website addresses— and—will stay the same. But over time you may notice a refresh of the sites themselves. Stay tuned for that!

Are your phone numbers and addresses changing?

No. Our phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing address will remain the same, at least in the short-term. Should they change in the future, we will notify you.

Do existing purchase orders and contracts need to be modified?

No. Our tax ID numbers and business names will remain the same; therefore, no changes are needed to current or future contracts and purchase orders.

Will your bank account information change?

Eventually, but there won’t be any immediate changes. We’ll let our ACH customers know well in advance of any changes.

Will this affect any ongoing or future work?

Only in a positive way! We will continue to support you, your staff, and your clients in the same manner to which you have been accustomed since 2003. And, this new opportunity may enable us to further expand our products and services while also introducing you to our new family members.

Where can I find more information or ask further questions?

Feel free to contact us at