Nebraska Probation

After a professionally rewarding 9-month project, TCG has completed its case planning work with Nebraska Probation. Nebraska’s Advanced Coaching for Excellence (AC4E) initiative included TCG’s development of a customized case planning curriculum—for both juveniles and adults—that is specific to the department’s assessment tool and case plan policies.

Following a pilot of the curriculum, TCG provided skill-based training to a group of energetic and talented statewide managers designated as departmental trainers. Thereafter, TCG was privileged to observe the trainers and provide feedback as they rolled out the curriculum statewide. Starting with high risk and investigation officers, 434 staff (with more to come!) have been trained on the curriculum with the intention of building strong, evidence-based case plans (referred to as “Success Plans”) that are SMART; build on strengths; link to criminogenic needs; address drivers, skill deficits, and stabilization needs; and importantly, teach and reinforce prosocial skills. In addition, as part of their continuous quality improvement efforts, Nebraska Probation has rolled out the Supervisor’s EBP BriefCASE, a booster curriculum facilitated by supervisors designed to reinforce staffs’ knowledge and skills around evidence-based practices.