Great News for the New Year!

The Carey Group (TCG) and Carey Group Publishing (CGP) have recently been acquired by Empower Community Care. This acquisition brings TCG and CGP into a family of programs and services that, like our own, help people who are justice-involved improve their lives.

Empower’s mission—to transform the lives of troubled youth, adults, their families, and their communities—aligns perfectly with TCG/CGP’s. As a leading global behavioral health organization, Empower provides evidence-based programs and technologies in the United States and internationally. You are likely familiar with other members of the Empower family, which include Multisystemic Therapy Services (MST Services), Functional Family Therapy LLT (FFT LLC), Orbis Partners, and Evidence-Based Associates. TCG and CGP will expand Empower’s outreach by continuing to deliver a wide range of programs and services to adults and youth involved in the justice, social service, and educational systems.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and the expanded capacity it will bring to CGP and TCG, and trust that you are as well. And, you can rest assured that our names, faces, and the quality of our products and services will not change and will continue to expand and improve over time. Please review the FAQs page for additional details and contact us at if other questions should arise.