Training, Coaching & Mentoring

The Carey Group works with executives, managers, supervisors, and staff to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their organization’s mission and to maximize their opportunities for success. In today’s outcome-driven world, training, coaching, and mentoring are essential tools for keeping our workforce apace with emerging knowledge and expectations for improved outcomes.

The Carey Group’s Partners and Associates provide services, consultation, and training in:

  • Conducting organizational training needs assessments
  • Assessing staff skills and competencies
  • Developing strategies to advance the workforce’s knowledge and skills
  • Providing coaching and mentoring
  • Developing customized training curricula
  • Conducting training for trainers (T for T)

The Carey Group:

  • Customizes training for individuals, organizations, and groups of organizations to meet their specific workforce development needs
  • Coordinates and conducts regional training events as a method to efficiently provide training to individuals and groups in a geographic region

Course Catalogue

A wide variety of training courses are offered through The Carey Group. The length and accompanying cost depend on the way the course is customized to fit your needs. Not all courses are listed; contact us if your needs are not specifically addressed by this listing.

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Training Courses to Support Use of Carey Group Publishing Products

Carey Group Publishing–our partner organization–provides products to support the effective implementation of evidence-based practices. The Carey Group provides training courses to support the use of these products. Click here to review these course offerings.