Strategic & Action Planning

Most organizations in today’s world are under severe pressure to produce. Whether it is the constraints of the market in the private sector, the demands of elected officials in the public sector, or the requirements of funders in the not-for-profit arena, one message is clear: create outcomes of value now. This pressure to produce often leads to ill-conceived projects that are poorly planned and thus doomed to fail during implementation. Strategic thinking and planning constantly give way to tactical expediency and bias. Long-term competitiveness and success are sacrificed for short-term gain.

The Carey Group is experienced in guiding organizations through the strategic planning process that is critical to the achievement of long-term gains.

The Carey Group provides services, consultation, and training in:

  • Defining and understanding the demands of the future for your business
  • Developing and implementing strategic & action plans
  • Maintaining the integrity of strategic & action plans
  • Reconciling strategic planning with budgetary and political constraints