Organizational Assessment & Development

The world of work has changed dramatically over the last quarter century. Old models of bureaucratic command and control have proven inadequate and ineffective in meeting the challenges of competition and the demands for productive outcomes. The Carey Group assists clients in making the transition to more collaborative, flexible, and innovative ways of doing business. It provides the tools required to assess an organization’s readiness for change, to manage that change, and to evaluate the progress made in achieving the desired change.

The Carey Group’s Partners and Associates draw upon their own extensive experience with change management as executive leaders—as well as upon the experiences of the clients with whom they have worked—to provide practical direction and guidance in aligning organizations with the demands of the rapidly evolving external environment.

The Carey Group provides services, consultation, and training in:

  • Assessing an organization’s readiness for change
  • Understanding organizational culture
  • Developing change management plans
  • Implementing new processes, procedures, and programs
  • Ensuring the quality and fidelity of change strategies
  • Developing process and outcome measures
  • Evaluating the success of change management activities