Evidence-Based Practice

It is no longer sufficient for public and not-for-profit organizations to claim that they are “successful” and “effective.” In today’s world, results must be demonstrated with hard evidence. This means that public and private entities alike must become evidence-based, both in terms of the policies they pursue and the practices they employ to implement those policies.

The Carey Group is a leader in the implementation of evidence-based practice–that is, justice strategies that have been demonstrated to improve offender outcomes while maximizing the investment of resources. 

For twenty years, The Carey Group’s Partners and Associates have followed emerging research on “what works” and “evidence-based practice,” and translated these research findings into practical strategies in probation and parole supervision, sentencing, treatment, and other similar settings. We have assisted justice system professionals and their not-for-profit partners across the country in understanding and aligning their practices with the latest scientific evidence.  We know from our own practical experience that it takes courage and vigilance to implement EBP; this experience enables us to provide our clients with clear and specific strategies and techniques for efficiently and effectively implementing EBP, and demonstrating improved outcomes as a result. 

The Carey Group’s Partners and Associates provide services, consultation, and training in:

  • Understanding the basic principles of EBP
  • Assessing an organization’s readiness to implement EBP
  • Developing a strategic EBP plan with internal and external stakeholders
  • Defining a time-specific implementation plan for EBP
  • Coaching managers and supervisors in EBP leadership skills
  • Maintaining EBP quality, fidelity, and integrity
  • Evaluating EBP processes and outcomes