Evidence-Based Decision Making

Two decades of experience demonstrates that the application of evidence-based knowledge within one sector of the justice system (typically probation/parole and/or corrections) is important but insufficient to realize the full risk reduction potential that evidence-based practices have to offer. Aligning the justice system around evidence-based decision making—that is, the use of evidence by policymakers and staff representing all of the justice system’s entities and partners, at each and every decision point—offers the greatest promise for risk and harm reduction.

For the past several years, The Carey Group has been in partnership with the National Institute of Corrections, the Office of Justice Programs, the Center for Effective Public Policy, the Justice Management Institute, and the Pretrial Justice Institute to develop and test a framework for evidence-based decision making in communities across the country.

The Carey Group’s Partners and Associates are skilled and experienced in working with jurisdictions that are interested in establishing a system of evidence-based decision making and can assist others by:

  • Providing awareness building and training on evidence-based decision making
  • Assessing a jurisdiction’s readiness to implement the evidence-based decision making framework
  • Coaching a jurisdiction through the process of aligning the justice system around an evidence-based decision making framework

The Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems Initiative