Complimentary Resources

In our work with clients across the country, we strive to develop tools and resources that apply research in very practical and specific ways.  We are pleased to share the following resources—developed for and already in use in numerous jurisdictions—with others who are interested in risk reduction through the effective implementation of evidence-based practices.

For Community Corrections Administrators

Interested in writing case plan goals and activities that align with criminogenic needs and that meet the SMART objectives?
See:  Case Planning Handbook

Interested in the application of EBP in rural communities?
See:  Juvenile Justice Evidence-Based Practices in Rural Communities: Challenges and Solutions (in conjunction with the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission, the Pennsylvania Council of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers, and McKean County Juvenile Probation)

Want a model for implementing EBP statewide?
See:  Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy Monograph    

Need a tool to help you assess your progress in implementing EBP?
See:  Checklist: Building and Sustaining an EBP Organization

For Policymakers

Interested in understanding the effectiveness of adult interventions?
See:  Cost Effective Criminal Justice Interventions    

For Judges

Wondering whether your probation agency is adhering to EBP?
See:  13 Questions Judges Should Ask Their Probation Chiefs    

For Community Corrections Supervisors

Want a simple plan for implementing EBP?
See:  EBP Step-by-Step Planning Guide

Need a guide to your discussions with line staff about their management of a particular case?
See:  Case Consultation Staffing Sheet

For Community Corrections Line Staff

Need a resource to use with caregivers to help them deal with issues they are having with their child?
See:  Dealing with Frustrations
See:  Setting Boundaries and Applying Rewards and Consequences

Need some guidance around how to build an effective case management plan?
See:  Case Plans Step by Step

Looking for help in conducting role plays and practice sessions with offenders?
See:  Practice Session Instructional Guide

For All Professionals

Wondering whether you are the optimist you think you are?
See:  Optimism Survey